Terms & Conditions

Frontier Customer Referral - Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Frontier’s Customer Referral program allows existing Frontier Residential Broadband customers to enroll to then refer their friends and family and earn awards for new Frontier Residential Broadband customers that sign up and install through the program. 
  2. Employees of Frontier, their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household are not eligible to participate in the Frontier Customer Referral program. 
  3. The referrer must be an existing or recent (within 6 months) Frontier Residential Broadband customer and enrolled in the Frontier Customer Referral program via the link at www.frontier.com/referralprogram 
    1. The Referrer (existing Frontier Residential Broadband customer) must access the website and select “ENROLL” on the Home page. Enrollment must be completed to match the Referrer’s existing Frontier Account Information (complete billing name, service address, email, and Frontier billing account number) for a valid verification of eligibility to submit referrals.
  4. Eligible referrals are customers interested in signing up as a New Frontier Residential Broadband customer.  In order to be an eligible referral, customer may not already have Frontier Residential Broadband existing service and the referral must be submitted before the potential customer places their order. 
  5. Once enrolled, Referrer will Complete the referral form indicating the customer is interested in internet services and include all required fields.
    1. Referrals will be contacted within 2 business days. 
  6. Once Frontier contacts the referred customer, closes the sale, and the service is in and working for 60 days, the referrer will be awarded the option to redeem a $150 Virtual MasterCard and the referee will be awarded the option to redeem a $150 Virtual MasterCard for referrals submitted between 3/1/24-6/30/24.
  7. Referrals submitted before or after these promo dates will be eligible for the previously set amount during those dates. 
    1. The referrer and the referee will have 4 months (120 days) to redeem their award. After this time, the award will expire, and the redemption option will no longer be available on the awarded referral. Both the Referrer and referee will receive a reminder email to redeem their awards
    2. Once redeemed, The Virtual Mastercard is available for use for 4 months (120 days). Once this time has passed, all funds will be forfeited, and the card will expire. 
    3. Virtual Mastercard can take 1-2 business days to process before being delivered and received once all criteria have been met.
  8. Referrers can check their My Referrals page at any time for the current status of their referrals. They will receive a notification via email when their referral has met the 60-day criteria and has been approved for an award.
  9. SSN is required in order to proceed as earnings greater than $599 USD will be reported to the IRS.
    1. Participants must provide their SSN in the My Profile page to receive additional payouts above $599 USD.
  10. For questions, please complete the form at www.frontiercustomerreferral.com/contact and one of the Frontier Customer Referral representatives will be in touch shortly.

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